Garbage and rubbish removal

AAA Durango Property Care is a full service garbage and rubbish removal company serving Durango, Cortez and Pagosa Colorado. We will remove any garbage or rubbish you need gone.

Yard care and maintenance

AAA Durango Property Care offers weekly and monthly maintenance from mowing the lawn to cutting trees. Anything you need yard maintenance wise you need done we can do.


AAA Durango Property Care is a reputable moving company located in Durango, Colorado. We do in town moves and to other local towns, throughout the area. We move entire homes and also small moves such as appliances or a small apartment. We are available every day and take extreme care when handling your belongings. We focus on being very service oriented. We are on time, equipped to handle the move correctly and we also do an on site evaluation to scope the job, to provide an accurate estimate pre-contract agreement. This helps insure no unforeseen costs.

Housecleaning and office cleaning

AAA Durango Property Care is a full service cleaning company. We clean homes and business from top to bottom. We do complete cleaning services for in-between new owners or tenants. We clean tile and grout floors, wood and carpets. We can also clean furniture and drapes. We clean windows inside and out including the screens and tracks. We clean kitchens and appliances, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, storage units and just anything that requires a thorough job. We are insured for your piece of mind when we are in your home.

Carpet and tile cleaning

AAA Durango Property Care is a full service Carpet and Tile cleaning company, we do all different type of carpets and tile. We also do any repair work for your carpet or tile that you need.

Area rugs and oriental rug cleaning

We at AAA Durango Property Care clean all types of fabrics. This includes all types of carpets and area rugs including oriental, Persian, karastan, and other hand woven rugs.

Your area rugs and oriental rugs are not just treasures; they are also a valuable investment to your home. Protect your investment when you need these precious rugs cleaned by calling AAA Durango Property Care.

Whether they are for decoration or to help preserve your floors your area rugs also need to be cleaned. Yes they are carpet, but many are made with delicate materials that need to be cleaned and dried, with care to minimize wicking and help preserve those fibers, dyes and the glue that holds it together. We take great care and attention to cleaning, these rugs. We provide an effective, yet gentle, cleaning process that is powerfully soft that leaves the colors of your rug vibrant and fresh.

Our process includes a pre-spray cleaner, hand cleaning or submersion bath if necessary, air drying and fringe cleaning. The cleaning doesn’t leave any residue, helping your rugs remain cleaner longer and not attracting unwanted dirt. We clean the fringe by hand which takes care of the fringe not to damage it and also brightens the fibers and is a more detailed process.

If you have pets, your area rugs may also have pet urine stains and odors. We are experts when it comes to removing pet stains and odors. We clean pet urine and odors daily and are very successful with our process. We can treat the area rugs to eliminate these bad odors. We can also apply a sanitizer to disinfect your valuable rug.

AAA Durango Property Care ensures your rugs will be carefully handled and cleaned by our certified, trained technicians. They will perform a thorough evaluation to determine the safest, most effective method to clean your valuable rug, whether it can be cleaned in your home or at our shop to achieve top results. Call us at AAA Durango Property Care to provide an in-home analysis and prepare a no-obligation quote.

We also offer a rug pick-up and delivery service to help you save time. You can also drop off your rugs to be cleaned at our location in Durang

Flood and mold restoration

AAA Durango Property Care is certified internationally IICRC for water damage and mold remediation. We are available 24/7 and can get it done.

Flooring installation

AAA Durango Property Care we instal carpet, tile and wood floors.


AAA Durango Property Care does interior and exterior painting maintenance.

Deck restoration

AAA Durango Property Care does deck maintenance. If your deck needs repairs or just needs to look better we can do.